Where they go for the nectar flow

Honey Bee colonies, in the height of summer can reach numbers of 40’000 to 100’000 and sometimes even higher numbers depending on resources.  Because there are such large numbers of foragers leaving the hive to return with nectar and pollen, that the scouts will try to find and report locations of large fields of flowers as close as possible to home.

Honey Bees will travel up to 4 miles to gather forage, if they need to travel further, the bees loose more than they gain.  Shorter distances to nectar sources will increase productivity and health of the hive, especially when it’s uncontaminated with pesticides.

To produce 473ml (16oz) of honey
1’152 bees travel approximately
180246 kilometers (112’000 miles)
and visit 4.5 million flowers

I personally, have no idea where my honey bees go as they fly up and over the trees; without investing in RFID tracking, I won’t know until the spring if my bees have been affected by neighbouring corn and soy plantings.

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