The little bits here and there add up

Getting a hive ready for honeybees by recycled empty combs, nothing smells like home like the smell of beeswax. At least, that’s what the girls seem to think!
The empty ends of honey combs are reclaimed, then tied onto bars – the bees reattach them – and this natural wax ‘foundation’ acts as a guide, keeping combs straight.
A new package of bees will benefit the most from having empty combs to work and cluster on during those first few days. Unlike a swarm, packages do not have bellies full of honey to begin working right away. I have to be aware of what’s in bloom – if the dandelions blooms are gone, then the main flow is over and that pre-made colony will have a tough time building up.
They have no resources but what you give them, and what they can find around them. Foraging is hard work, and the population may dwindle very fast, so be prepared to support the colony, until they have regained their little feet.

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